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Physical Education

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The Physical Education programme at Daventry UTC is engaging and innovative as well as making links to other areas of pupils learning within the school. Currently the pupils have two PE sessions per week; this consists of a fitness lesson and a games lesson.

In their games lessons pupils develop skills such as leadership, decision making and the importance of being reflective practitioners. They learn these skills through a variety of games activities, these activities are dependent of the time of weather, the weather and the available facilities.

The activities may vary slightly but pupils will always be informed with plenty of notice. Within their fitness lessons pupils learn about different types of training, such as circuit, continuous and interval.

Pupils develop their knowledge and understanding into how to plan, lead and perform these sessions to enable them to continue these practices outside of the school setting.

Students will also be provided with a selection of Sport Clubs, allowing them to take part in weekly fixtures against local schools. More details soon!


For further enquiries contact Mr Richard Odell or Ms Chelsea Jones.

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