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Bantayan Elementary School

Raised so far: £83 - it will allow us to send a 10kg parcel with essential stationary equipment.

Why Bantayan Central Elementary School?

Mr Adam Tarbox - our Engagement and Learning Mentor explains why he wishes to support the school:

Last year I toured around Asia on a 6 month trip where I was volunteering in different schools. When I reached Philippines I visited Bantayan Central Elementary School. It looks after 3000 students who are short of facilities and equipment due to the deadly Typhoon Yolanda. Here, in England our students are provided with the best possible education and sometime we all take it for granted. At the UTC we have now started building relations between our students and the students in Philippines in order to learn about their culture and share ours."

Deadly Super Typhoon Yolanda - November 2013

•Strongest and most deadliest typhoon ever recorded in the Philippines

•Winds reached 195mph

•6,340 people were killed, bodies were still being found 6 months later.

•1,361 still missing…

•In total 11 million people were effected in South East Asia, over a million people are still homeless…

•Bantayan Island – very small, no chance of hiding, destroyed everything in its wake!

How can we help Bantayan School?

Short term plan - Money raised will go towards a number of things; New equipment for the students, new exercise books, new pens and pencils etc.

Long term plan - The more money we raise, the more we can help with the overall reconstruction of some of the buildings, our money will go a long way in supporting some of the construction costs for materials and tradesman.

We take everything for granted in England, we have everything, running water, electricity, free education in fantastic buildings with all the latest technology… Bantayan school have none of this, they don’t have running water and they don’t have electricity, their lives are very basic and extremely challenging after the destruction from Typhoon Yolanada…

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