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Niamh Abbott-Young


Current year of Study: Year 11

Specialism: BTEC First Level 2 Engineering + 10 GCSEs

Career goals/aspirations: Start 6th Form and then join The Police Force.


1. Why did you choose to study at Daventry UTC?

When I visited the UTC it looked very interesting. There was a lot of modern and up to date equipment.


2. Have you met any industry partners? If yes, did you enjoy it?

I have visited Cummins. They have the biggest Lego engine by far. Yes, I really enjoyed meeting them.

Cummins Lego engine

3. Have you chosen your career path? How Daventry UTC has helped you in making this choice?

I would like to join The Police Force and the UTC has helped me chose suitable pathways until I'm 18 in order to achieve this.


4. What is your favourite subject and why?

Engineering, because it's interesting and I learn new things every day.


5. Taking into account all the facilities and equipment available at Daventry UTC, what would you build or create if you were given 5 days and unlimited resources?

I would like to build a car powered by a pulse jet engine. 

A pulse jet powered go-cart made by a YouTube star Colin Furze.

6. Do you take part in any activities outside the class rooms?

Motocross and Muay Thai boxing. 


7. What would you say to students like yourself, who are thinking of joining Daventry UTC? 

If students want to be engineers it definitely is the school for them.