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Jack Turner


Current year of Study: Year 11

SpecialismBTEC First Level 2 Engineering + 7 GCSEs

Biggest achievements so far: Received Northampton County Council Student's Outstanding Progress Award.

Career goals/aspirations: To become a highly qualified engineer.


1. Why did you choose to study at Daventry UTC?

I came to an Open Evening to explore future 6th form options but I really liked the facilities, teachers and the opportunities available at the UTC, so I decided to join straight away in year 10.


2. What is the most interesting project you have worked on at Daventry UTC? What have you learned from it?

Last year’s Royal Navy Challenge was quite fun. We have had to design and build a remote controlled boat which would then be tested in a disaster relief scenario. We were the third-best team out of all the UTCs in the country.

During the project I have learnt a lot about teamwork, how to produce polyfoam and build a boat out of it. We have also spent some time ‘playing’ with electronics in order to make the propeller, rudder and crane controllable via a remote controller.

3. Have you met any industry partners? If yes, did you enjoy it?

So far I have met Hi-Force employees whom I was able to explain the principles of 3D printing to. I have also met a number of people Cummins. We spoke about their apprenticeship opportunities and what working in the engineering industry is like.


4. Have you chosen your career path? How Daventry UTC has helped you in making this choice?

The UTC has really made me interested in engineering as before joining the UTC I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. Now I know that I definitely want to be an engineer. Next year, once I start 6th form, I will be looking more specifically at the best sector and companies for me.


5. What is your favourite subject?

Engineering, definitely!



Ariel atom with visible frame.

6. Taking into account all the facilities and equipment available at Daventry UTC, what would you build or create if you were given 5 days and unlimited resources?

I would build an Ariel Atom’s frame, then I would attach a DC forklift motor to it, a set of batteries and other parts needed to create a roadworthy electric vehicle.

In fact, I already have all the blueprints and the Principal allowed me to build such car for my 6th Form project!

7. Do you take part in any activities outside the class rooms?

I am a part of our Greenpower Race Team and I spend a lot of time at home doing many different things with my dad. We build remote control quadcopters, we work on cars and currently I am fixing a petrol engine from a quad bike

8. What would you say to students like yourself, who are thinking of joining Daventry UTC? 

If you enjoy engineering – do it! It is the best place to learn more about engineering and the equipment is fantastic.