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Home to UTC Transport Options – 2016/17

Parents/carers wishing to use the Minibus Service must complete a Minibus Service Application Form. The form must be competed and returned to the Business Manager – Paul Cartmell by Tuesday 30th August at the very latest. Full details are on the application form.

What are the routes?

We do not offer a service covering the centre of Northampton as both UNO and Stagecoach offer a very competitive service directly to the UTC.

Locations marked with a ** below are not currently collected from but could be added to the route with minimal disruption to other users.

Route 1 – “Rugby” Route 2 – “Brackley” Route 3 – “Wellingborough”
  • UTC
  • Dunchurch**
  • Rugby (First Pickup: 6.50am)
  • Cold Ashby**
  • Guilsborough**
  • Spratton
  • Chapel Brampton**
  • Harleston
  • East Haddon
  • West Haddon
  • Long Buckby
  • UTC


Total Journey Time: 1.75 Hours

Total Distance: 50 miles

Driver's mobile07757 125 6148

  • UTC
  • Brackley (First Pickup: 7.00am)
  • Towcester**
  • Woodford Halse**
  • Preston Capes**
  • Cannons Ashby**
  • Newnham
  • Daventry
  • UTC
  • Braunston
  • UTC


Total Journey Time: 1.65 Hours

Total Distance: 60 miles

Driver's mobile07982 376 7112

  • UTC
  • Wollaston (First Pickup: 6.20am)
  • Irchester
  • Rushden
  • Wellingborough (The Priory)
  • Ecton Brook
  • Hardingstone**
  • Wooton**
  • East Hunsbury**
  • UTC


Total Journey Time: 2.0 Hours

Total Distance: 70 miles

Driver's mobile07903 626 148


Please can you ensure that you notify the driver in advance if your child will not be on transport in the morning. A text message will be fine.

If the Daventry UTC buses are delayed for more than 20 minutes or if parents/students have concerns, they are requested to telephone the Business Manager on 01327 877684  or email


What is the cost?

The standard charge for all students using the service is £720.00 per year.

There are TWO ways to pay for the transport – either termly three times a year or monthly by Bank Standing Order which offers a further discount and the opportunity to spread the cost across the whole year.

Once you have stated which option is best for you on the application form – you will be invoiced by the UTC.

OPTION 1: £240 / Term.

  • Term 1: Full payment due by 16th September 2016
  • Term 2: Full payment due by 5th January 2017
  • Term 3: Full payment due by 9th April 2017

PAYMENTS should be paid online via your Parent Pay Account.

OPTION 2: £57.00 / Month.

Payable on the 1st of every month for TWELVE months commencing 1st September 2016.

PAYMENTS should be made by Bank Standing Order directly to the Daventry UTC Bank Account see details below. Payment via Standing Order is a requirement of being able to pay monthly and receiving the extra discount:

Account Name: DAVENTRY UTC
Sort Code: 20-61-51
Account Number: 33300765
Unique Reference: Please use your child’s SURNAME and their Month and Year of birth as the unique reference on the standing order so that we can track the payment. Eg: For John Smith born on the 23rd November 2002 use the reference: SMITH1102

Free School Meals / Free Transport 

If your child is entitled to Free School Meals they are also entitled to FREE home to school transport to one of the three nearest schools to your home. If the UTC is one of these schools you should contact the Northamptonshire County Council School Transport Team for further advice and an application form for this FREE bus service.

If the UTC is NOT one of the three closest schools and your child is entitled to Free School Meals the UTC will offer you a further subsidy of up to 50% off the fare prices above.

If you are suffering financial hardship and currently claiming certain benefits then you may be entitled to claim for Free School Meals for your child and this in turn may make you eligible for FREE or further subsidised transport to the UTC.

If you require further information on collection points or wish to apply to use the Minibus Transport please email the Business Manager on

How to Apply For DUTC Transport?

Please download the below document which contains full information about our minibus transport and the application form. Please remember that the form must be competed and returned to the Business Manager – Paul Cartmell by Tuesday 30th August at the very latest.

undefinedDUTC Minibus Letter & Application 2016-17


Links to Further Information and Guidance 



Northamptonshire County Council - Home to School Transport:

You may be able to apply for FREE Transport to school or pay for the use of the Local Authority school bus service as part of the vacant seat programme. Please consult the County Council web site link above.

Northamptonshire County Council - Free School Meals:

If your child qualifies for Free School Meals – you may also get FREE Transport to school or at least a further subsidy for Minibus transport from the UTC. Please consult the County Council web site link above.



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