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Daventry UTC To Close In 2017

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Daventry UTC to close in 2017

The Trustees of University Technical College for New Technologies at Daventry (Daventry UTC) announce with deep regret that it will close on 31 August 2017.

Resources made available to schools and colleges are irretrievably linked to the number of students on roll and, unfortunately, our inability to recruit students within the Daventry district and further afield has meant that the UTC is not financially viable into the future. Thus the UTC will not accept applications for entry from new Year Ten or Year Twelve learners in September 2017.

This outcome has been reached only after extensive discussion with Baker Dearing Educational Trust, the Department for Education and the Education Funding Agency to explore all available options.

Principal, Russell Ball said:

“Existing students in Years Eleven and Thirteen within the UTC will, of course, continue to follow their current courses and complete these in the summer term 2017. The teaching staff and I are confident that, like others before them, our students will experience high quality teaching and learning and reach outcomes which match or exceed their potential.

We will be working closely with Northamptonshire County Council and other local education providers including Silverstone UTC to bring about a smooth transition for existing students in Years Ten and Twelve. We will do everything in our power to ensure this process is both detailed and thorough”

Professor Nick Petford, Chair of Daventry UTC Trust said:

“Closing Daventry UTC is hugely disappointing for all those who have worked so hard to give students the opportunity to pursue a technical education.

It was a difficult decision to take, but unfortunately although every attempt has been made to try to find an alternative solution, closure was the only available option due to low student numbers. 

The wellbeing and success of all our students remains our highest priority. Every effort will be made to ensure students get the support they need to complete their studies successfully.”

Human resources support and guidance will be offered to staff and measures will be taken to ensure transition for students is as smooth as possible with minimum interruption to their education. Meetings and discussions to this end have commenced with Northamptonshire County Council and other providers, including Silverstone UTC.