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Our first-ever A-level results are in!

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Thursday, August 18, 2016


This year, we have had our first Year 13 leavers, who set very high standards for the upcoming years. All seven of our leavers have progressed further into the careers and further education that they aimed for.

All students gained Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering including two students with Triple Distinction Star plus B/C in A level Mathematics.

Two of our leavers received unconditional offers at two highly respected universities – The University of Bradford to study Medical Engineering and The University of Leeds to study Civil Engineering, making the A-level results day somewhat of a less stressful experience.

Further five Year 13 leavers, have secured apprenticeships with local engineering companies and UTC’s Industry Partners. A number of students are also seeking to begin their engineering careers by joining the Royal Air Force.

Melanie Waller, DUTC’s Assistant Principal and Head of Post 16 Education said:

“We are extremely proud and happy that all our Year 13 leavers have achieved their goals and are now beginning their careers and further education in the areas which they are passionate about.

The fundamental purpose of UTCs is to educate highly skilled inventors, engineers, scientists and technicians of tomorrow. Today’s results prove that this is a successful formula which really works. UTCs always approach students individually and tailor the education to their specific needs and goals, therefore despite the fact that tour first cohort of leavers was small it set a very high benchmark.

Next year, we will have 30 Year 13 leavers and we will welcome over 30 new students into our 6th form, which means that we are all extremely eager to start working with our students this September. I owe a big thank you to the staff for their passion and commitment to the students!”

Last year nationally, University Technical Colleges had 700 Year 13 leavers of which 97% stayed in education, started apprenticeships or secured jobs. This year’s data is expected to show similar results.


We are all very, very proud of you! 

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