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98% of UTC students do not join the ranks of unemployed.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

The target of University Technical Colleges is that there should be no NEETs (a young person who is "Not in Education, Employment, or Training") - no students when they leave should join the ranks of the unemployed. The latest data from Baker Dearnig Educational Trust shows that this target was met by 99.5% at 16 and by 97% at 18.

Across the country UTC students have secured high quality destinations:

  • 42% of leavers at 18 went to university against the national average of 37%


  • 24% became apprentices - three times the national average.

This is an impressive track record in five years and reflects the hard work and commitment from all the staff and students. In the recent Spending Review the Chancellor confirmed that the Government wants do see "500 more free schools and University Technical Colleges".

Lord Baker, the Chairman of Baker Dearing Educational Trust said: "The aim is to do everything to expend the network of UTCs because they are one of the most effective ways of filling the country's skills gap".