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We have received our first GCSE results.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Today, we have received our first GCSE results. We have also has also celebrated 100% pass rate of Year 10 students who took GCSE Statisticsexam after their first year at the UTC.

Sarah Holmes, one of our Mathematics teachers, said: ‘I am ecstatic with our Year 10 results. Not only have the students raised the bar very high, but they went “the extra mile” by choosing GCSE Statistics as their additional Enrichment subject. We always do our best to make the subjects interesting and I am very happy that they chose Statistics as their relaxation option!”.

David Edmondson, our Principal said: ‘I am pleased for all the students who received the grades they were aiming for allowing them to progress onto their chosen pathway. At the same time, I am disappointed for the students who fell short of their expectations. However, we are delighted with the progress shown by the majority of our students against their starting points with us.

We will continue working with our Industry Partners closely to ensure sure that our curriculum brings the learning to life for all our students, as well as vital life and employability skills, so highly needed in the world of work.’

We are now looking forward to the new intake of Year 10 and 12 students this September and we are committed to raising the standards and expectations even higher.