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What will I study?

All students will study a range of Foundation Chemistry& Chemistry in Action at AS level and Kinetics, Equilibria & Organic Chemistry and Energetics, Redox and Inorganic Chemistry for A2. There will also be Investigative and Practical Skills Assessment at both AS & A2 level.

What modules are covered?

AS Chemistry:

CHEM 1: Foundation Chemistry; Atomic Structure, Amount of Substance, Bonding, Periodicity, Introduction to Organic Chemistry & Alkanes.

CHEM 2: Energetics, Kinetics, Equilibria, Redox Reactions, Group 7, the Halogens, Group 2, the Alkaline Earth Metals, Extraction of Metals, Haloalkanes, Alkenes, Alcohols & Analytical Techniques.

Practical Skills Assessment of two from the following: Inorganic, Physical and Organic Chemistry.


A2 Chemistry:

CHEM 4: Kinetics, Equilibria, Acids & Bases, Nomenclature and Isomerism, Compounds containing the Carbonyl Group, Aromatic Chemistry, Amines, Amino Acids, Polymers, Organic Synthesis and Analysis & Structure Determination.

CHEM 5: Thermodynamics, Periodicity, Redox Equilibria, Transition Metals, Reactions of Inorganic Compounds.

Practical Skills Assessment of two from the following: Inorganic, Physical and Organic Chemistry.

What qualifications will I get?

AS Chemistry (first year) and A Level Chemistry (second year)

How will I be assessed?

There are termly assessments and internal examinations throughout the course. Students are expected to match the five hours of work done inside the classroom with at least an equal amount of independent work outside of the lesson time every week.

The course will consist of six modules. CHEM 1, CHEM 2 will be studied and examined in Year 12 with an Assessed Practical unit. These three modules form the AS qualification.

CHEM 4, CHEM 5 will be studied and examined in Year 13 also with an Assessed Practical unit. This will lead to the full A Level in Chemistry.

What is the entry process?

Students will need to have achieved A*, A or B in GCSE Science.


For further information please contact Mr David Musker.



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