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The Daventry UTC Trust

The Trustees have legal responsibility for the overall management and decision making in the charity. The UTC charity is an exempt charity, and as such is responsible to the Department for Education rather than the Charity Commissioners.

The Trustees will all be Governors of the UTC, but all Governors will not necessarily be Trustees. The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Northampton and the Principal of Moulton College will be trustees of Daventry UTC whilst they hold office within their respective institutions.

Role and Responsibilities of the Trustees

The Trustees will be collectively responsible for the direction and performance of the charity and will:

  • take ultimate responsibility for the work of the charity
  • act at all times in the best interests of the charity
  • take decisions about the future of the charity
  • ensure the organisation remains sustainable
  • consider likely future challenges and prepare the charity to face them
  • ensure the charity is working within the law
  • support the UTC principal in his/her role
  • monitor activity to ensure that the charity is meeting its objectives
  • ensure the UTC board is working effectively and efficiently
  • hold the lease on the UTC premises
  • sign the funding agreement with the Education Funding Agency (EFA)
  • sign the funding agreement with the Education Funding Agency (EFA)

The Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is made of from people within the community who may have business, management and education experience, and the Board will also include staff and parent Governors. The main responsibilities of the UTC Governing Body are:

To take any decisions to run the company provided they do not infringe the Memorandum and Articles or the Companies Acts.

  • To determine the educational character and mission of the UTC and to exercise oversight of its activities.
  • To approve the quality improvement strategy for the institution.
  • To ensure the effective and efficient use of resources, the solvency of the UTC and to safeguard its assets
  • To approve annual estimates of income and expenditure, and to monitor financial performance, including ensuring that the UTC Company remains a ‘going-concern’.
  • To appoint, grade, suspend, dismiss and determine the pay and conditions of service of the principal and all other staff.
  • To undertake induction training on appointment to the role.To act within the formal powers and rules as set out in the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • To act in the best interests of the UTC.
  • To be fully informed about the operation of the UTC
  • To ensure decisions are always taken for the benefit of the UTC, its students, staff and other users and with a view of safeguarding public funds.
  • To act as individuals and not bound by mandates from other bodies.
  • To avoid actual, potential or perceived conflict between personal interests and those of the UTC.  
  • To attend UTC events, such as student awards presentations and open days, in order to gain an appreciation of and support the work of the UTC.
  • To act as a Link Governor to a curriculum or support area to provide an insight into that area by meeting staff and students and to create a better understanding of the way in which strategic decisions of the Governing Body influence provision at an operational level.

The Board of Governors meets regularly to review the work of the UTC and discuss any future developments in line with the above powers and responsibilities.

Daventry UTC at Companies House

The University Technical College for new Technologies at Daventry (known as Daventry UTC) is an Academy Trust. It is listed at companies house as a charitable company limited by guarantee. You can see full details of the Trust by using its registered company number: 07637061 at companies house online here.

Governors and Trustees Pecuniary Interests

The UTC is required to list its current list of Governors and Trustees, their committee membership within the Governing Body and their pecuniary interests ie. Their interests outside of the UTC that may or may not impact on their duties within the UTC Governing Body. Our list is enhanced to also include their term of office, their attendance at meetings and the body they represent whilst serving on the Governing Body.

Trustees’ Report and Financial Statements

The financial year for the UTC is 1st September to 31st August and the UTC is required to submit its financial statement to the Education Funding Agency by the 31st December each year. As a company registered at Companies House the financial statement must also be filed with them by the 31st  May. Listed below are the financial statements from the UTC since its incorporation – they are also available from Companies House.  


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