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What is a University Technical College?

A University Technical College is a college for students aged 14 to 19 which specialises in technical studies and is sponsored by Moulton College and the University of Northampton. It offers full time courses which combine practical and academic studies. Employers are involved from the start in shaping the curriculum.


What are the specialisms at the Daventry UTC?

Daventry UTC will offer an overarching core technical theme of New Technologies and have three distinct optional specialisms: New Technologies in Engineering; Environmental Sustainability and Sustainable Construction.


What are the advantages of a student going to a UTC instead of staying on at their previous school?

It allows a student to study a subject they are really interested in which is taught in industry standard facilities by teachers with real life practical experience. By 16 their technical skills are far in advance of those students in a standard comprehensive school and more enthusiastic engagement with their academic studies leads to greater achievement in this area also.


How will a UTC improve job prospects?

Employers play a major part in University Technical Colleges. They help plan what students are going to learn and ensure that the qualifications students gain are what employers require. They also meet the students on work placements and so can get to know them.


How does my child apply for a place at the UTC?

You can apply for a place in Year 10 through Northamptonshire County Council’s (NCC) website: The UTC will continue to accept applications on a first come first serve basis until opening in Autumn 2013. So the earlier you apply the greater the chance of being offered a place.  

If you would like a paper copy of the application form please email Northamptonshire County Council Admissions Team: These are also available for you to take from our open events.


Will I lose my child’s existing school place if I apply to the UTC?

No. Your current school is only informed of your intention to leave once you accept the offer made by the UTC.


What does the Year 10 admissions process look like?

Our Year 10 admissions process is following the Northamptonshire County Council process this year. We are not selecting on ability, although students should be passionate about pursuing a technically-orientated high standard of education and share the UTC’s values and ethos.  


What is the oversubscription policy?

You can view our admissions policy, including catchment map and oversubscription policy on our website


How many places are available in 2013?

There are 120 places available for Year 10


Who are the sponsors of Daventry UTC?

Moulton College and the University of Northampton are Daventry UTC’s proud sponsors.


Who are the employer partners of the UTC?

Our lead employer partners are Cosworth, Cummins, DHL, Hi-Force, Prologis and FCC Environment UK, (formerly the Waste Recycling Group).


What will learning at Daventry UTC be like?

At Daventry UTC, education is taken out of the classroom setting and into a relevant, practical setting. You will enjoy an innovative mix of academic studies, technical and vocational learning, employer-designed challenge projects and work placements with local and national businesses.


How does a UTC day differ from school hours?

A UTC will typically be open from 8.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Thursday and 8:30am - 4:30pm on a Friday.


What are the features of the UTC day / year?

To accommodate the extended curriculum and enable you to participate in a full range of student experiences, the UTC will operate an extended working day (8:30am - 5:30pm Monday to Thursday, 8:30am - 4:30pm Friday) and there will be 5 terms of 8 weeks each academic year.


How is the curriculum organised for 14-16 year olds?

Pre 16 the split of time between general education/bridging core studies and technical studies is 60:40 respectively. For general education, students will undertake an academic core of up to 7 GCSEs in English; mathematics; double science; a modern foreign language and ICT with additional options from geography; history; sport/PE; design and further science subjects or a second modern foreign language. The offer will be highly personalised to suit the capabilities of all individuals with extensive study support and enrichment activities including PSHE; religious education; citizenship; financial literacy; understanding of setting up a business; and careers education and guidance.

Students will select from three technical specialisms in Engineering (new and sustainable technologies), Construction (modern methods of construction and new sustainable technologies) and environmental sustainability. Technical studies will be enriched through work experience (20 days each year); employer designed challenge projects; and industry mentoring.


How is the curriculum organised for 16-19 year olds?

Post-16, students will be able to continue with their studies or they may choose to do an apprenticeship, which might include part-time study at the UTC. If students choose to continue full-time study at the UTC the split of time between general education/bridging core studies and technical studies will become 40:60 respectively. Full time students will be able choose from a range of AS/A2 subjects including English, mathematics and the sciences and/or from a range of Level 3 technical diplomas in the UTC specialisms. The technical study will become more specialised and job-related.


My child has Special Educational Needs. How will these needs be catered for?

The UTC curriculum makes provision for students with statements of Special Education Needs. Full support at all levels throughout the UTC ensures that all students fully benefit from the specialist technical resources available.


Will the UTC provide transport for students?

The UTC will offer a subsidised bus service in partnership with the University of Northampton and Moulton College. Students who use this service will be asked to pay £10 a week. Routes will be determined by demand but we envisage that this service will always stop at a town/village near to you.


What will students wear at the UTC?

Consistent with the professional environment of the UTC, students are expected to dress smartly in a college uniform for Years 10 and 11 with the Years 12 and above students dressing in business attire during class time.

All will wear appropriate protective clothing in practical lessons and workshops.


Can I get support for my child’s meals?

Yes. We provide free school meals for all those that are entitled. UTC students will be eligible for free school meals if they are in Year 10 or 11 and their parents are in receipt of any of the following benefits:

  • Income support
  • Income based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Child Tax Credit only (with a family income of less than £16,190 as assessed by HM Revenue & Customs)
  • National Asylum Seekers Support
  • Guarantee Element of State Pension Credit
  • Employments and Support Allowance – Income Related only

Students in post-16 education are currently not eligible for free school meals.


How will ‘personalised learning’ work in practice?

Students will study in both mixed ability and grouped lessons, with a range of modules to choose from.

Personalised learning does not denote that each student has a unique learning timetable. There will be, in Year 10 for example, 4 classes with differing timetables, enabled by the UTC’s extended working day.


Will students be marked on spelling, punctuation and grammar?

As in traditional schooling spelling, punctuation and grammar will form part of the core curriculum. Students will be expected to produce work to standards expected in the workplace. This means accuracy in these 3 areas.


How will you encourage female students to attend the UTC?

It is recognised nationally that there is a lack of females in construction and engineering occupations and we want to encourage this to change. Our staff profile will include a balance of men and women. The UTC will utilise female STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Maths) ambassadors and role models from the University and our employer partners.


How will parents be involved with their child’s education?

Daventry UTC encourages the active involvement of parents in their child’s education but we haven’t yet decided on the mechanism to enable this to happen.

We do not necessarily envisage holding standard parents evenings. Instead, the longer working day will allow us to have a more personal relationship between parents and UTC staff.


How visible with the Principal Designate be?

The Principal Designate, David Edmondson is very hands on and approachable. Mr Edmondson will be highly visible to students and parents especially initially where he will be teaching students.


What type of staff team do you envisage at the UTC?

The UTC will have a blend of different staff: traditional teachers; technical staff to deliver practical skills; workplace mentors; a range of part time staff who will also conduct research at the University so that the UTC can remain at the cutting edge of new technology.


How are students expected to address teaching staff?

Students will address teachers as “Mr. Smith” or “Mrs Adams”, or Sir/Madam if the name is not known.

What is the address of Daventry UTC?

The new building is currently being constructed. The address is: Daventry UTC, Ashby Road, Daventry, NN11 0QE.

Please do not write to us at this address as the building will not be finished yet. If you wish to contact us please write to or Daventry UTC c/o Moulton College, West Street, Moulton, Northamptonshire, NN3 7RR


What are the options for continuing in education after a UTC?

Students can either go onto to a higher apprenticeship in employment or onto a university. The college will help the student decide which the best route is for you.


When do students choose their specialism?

While students who join Daventry UTC are expected to have an interest in the UTC’s areas of specialism, they will not be asked to choose their specialism as soon as studies begin.

The first weeks of the first term at the UTC will be designed to give students a taste of the different courses on offer. Once students have an idea of what they enjoy and excel at they will decide which specialism to study.


What enrichment will be on offer?

Daventry UTC will endeavour to fully accommodate its students’ wide range of tastes and hobbies. The UTC’s network of partnerships, including local schools and the University, will help to broaden what is on offer and this offer may change year to year depending on what is in demand.


Will my child have the opportunity to spend time at the University of Northampton?

Yes. The University of Northampton is one of the UTC’s key partnerships and it is the University’s involvement with UTC activities that helps make the UTC experience different to a standard secondary school. Students’ induction challenge project will be held at the university.


Industry Partners

One of the reasons why we provide an up to date curriculum and highly relevant hands-on experience is our partnership with a number of Industry Partners.


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